Alaska Bucket List

Published on Nov 22, 2021
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Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting, Salmon Fishing, and more.. Alaska is INCREDIBLE! Thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for all your outdoor needs!

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View the location/activity websites below!
Gold Panning: Crow Creek Gold Mine -
Dog Sledding: Alpine Air Alaska -
White Water Rafting: NOVA -
Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge -
Fishing/Bear Watching/Conservation: Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge -
Whale Watching: Seward Ocean Excursions -
ATV Tour: 49th State Motor Tours -
Jet Ski: Glacier Jetski Adventures -
Train: Alaska Railroad -
Helicopter flight glacier landing on Denali: Talkeetna Air Taxi -
Ice Climbing: MICA Guides -
Hot Springs/Ice Museum: Chena Hot Springs -
Travel Partner: Alaska Tour & Travel -

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  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    Minute ago

    As one of your Alaska viewers, I hope you really enjoyed it! I've lived there my whole life and you never get tired of it

  • Nick McGuire

    Nick McGuire

    8 minutes ago

    i went and met santa at the same place because my cousins live in the north pole and like 15 minutes away and when i went i went gold panning

  • ExoticcDev


    17 minutes ago

    Middle guy chubby 14:57 (not hater comment)

  • Guy Ytzhaik

    Guy Ytzhaik

    44 minutes ago

    Do a bucket list in israel/japan

  • Руслан Русланов

    Руслан Русланов

    58 minutes ago


    • Charming nowhere to hide

      Charming nowhere to hide

      30 seconds ago

      4:15 he's being kind to tyler

  • Miguel Marquez

    Miguel Marquez

    Hour ago

    More bucket list videos pretty please ☺️

  • Kartik Sharma

    Kartik Sharma

    Hour ago

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  • jolama967


    2 hours ago

    dog labour

  • ateşxc Meral

    ateşxc Meral

    3 hours ago

    I couldn't take what they did to the dogs well, that movement should be stopped immediately

  • Giovanni Sales

    Giovanni Sales

    3 hours ago

    North pole with just a hoodie? We're destroying the planets

    • ryan laf

      ryan laf

      3 hours ago

      Not the real north pole, this is just the tourist northpole in Alaska

  • Martin Opris

    Martin Opris

    4 hours ago

    You are the best DUDES!!!!!!!!🔥🔥



    4 hours ago

    Seems like dude perfect is in a place where dudes are perfect

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    Kendall Acoman

    4 hours ago

    I drive a four wheeler before

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    Ute Willms

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    Timothy Major

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    6 hours ago

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    Antoine van Leeuwen

    7 hours ago

    4:15 he's being kind to tyler

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    Ahmad Yogiswara

    7 hours ago

    Indonesia bucket list

  • Wyatt Marion

    Wyatt Marion

    8 hours ago

    Y'all should go to scottland

  • Vahe Y

    Vahe Y

    9 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ Booooysss You are The Greatest !!!!!!!

  • Upmanyu Chaudhari

    Upmanyu Chaudhari

    11 hours ago

    Waiting for Bucket list INDIA🇮🇳

  • Jose 70

    Jose 70

    13 hours ago

    Did they do the jet skis ?

  • Brian Bloxham

    Brian Bloxham

    13 hours ago

    Love the content but we want the old dude perfect back, I hate to say it but I do miss the old videos

  • Manju Gupta

    Manju Gupta

    13 hours ago

    u guys gave us gossebumps head to toe love from india

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    Nayandeep vloger

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    Please explore in hounted place❤️😂

  • Monique Jensen

    Monique Jensen

    13 hours ago

    You guys should do sledding stereotypes

  • Jils Thaker

    Jils Thaker

    13 hours ago

    Whenever I hear the word Alaska, only one thing comes to my mind... *JESSE PINKMAN*

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    Kelly Davies

    13 hours ago

    I think next overtime top 10 games

  • Tâm Phước

    Tâm Phước

    14 hours ago

    Please add Vietnamese subtitles. Tks

  • bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    14 hours ago

    Ah man, that just seals the deal for me, I’ve been wanting to go to Alaska for so long. What a beautiful place.

  • Makaylyn Halbrook

    Makaylyn Halbrook

    14 hours ago

    Pneumonia? You mean hypothermia sir??

  • rrimzy_


    15 hours ago

    Where did the other twin go?

  • Shaun Yarbrough

    Shaun Yarbrough

    16 hours ago

    What amazing photos.

  • Brandon


    16 hours ago

    What an episode 👏 wish that was me 🥲

    • bodoti qwiu

      bodoti qwiu

      14 hours ago

      How possible is it to get 10k in 24 hours ? Let’s see the power of the internet

  • ADub Baseball43

    ADub Baseball43

    16 hours ago

    This is beautiful all of the pictures and just everything about this video and Alaska is just mind blowing it’s really nice to see what Mother Nature can do

  • Ebrahin Thuyaaung

    Ebrahin Thuyaaung

    16 hours ago

    I wonder will they ever do another rocket battle video again it’s been 2-3 years

  • Harvey Mayo

    Harvey Mayo

    17 hours ago

    This video is top 5 😜 great video.

  • BomberB9


    17 hours ago

    As an Alaskan myself, I can thoroughly say it's an honor to have had you travel to our great state! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we do!

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    Rizky Syahputra

    18 hours ago

    Gak ada orang indo kah

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    oshi christian

    18 hours ago

    You guys should bring back all sports golf. 😃

  • Sawyer Roberts

    Sawyer Roberts

    18 hours ago

    “I dident inherit this land from my ancestors, I’m borrowing it from my kids”
    I felt that

  • _Jandom_


    19 hours ago

    Anyone know what cobys camera is?

  • Cassandra Pipkin

    Cassandra Pipkin

    20 hours ago

    Went to Alaska this past summer and it was so amazing, so glad you guys went there!

  • Richard Hinson

    Richard Hinson

    20 hours ago

    these dudes went gold mining, found gold, and still lost $1500 hahaha

  • Derek Hansen

    Derek Hansen

    20 hours ago

    Of course I lived in Alaska my whole life then I move to Texas thinking “I might be able to see the dp squad” the. To find out right when I move they go directly to my home town 😔

  • Samuel messi

    Samuel messi

    20 hours ago

    Thankyou for sharing such beautiful experiences that you guys had. totally loved it ☺

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    10k with 0 vids

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    How possible is it to get 10k in 24 hours ? Let’s see the power of the internet

  • nick Spears

    nick Spears

    21 hour ago

    Glacier View is awesome. I spent a summer there.

  • Young Survivor

    Young Survivor

    21 hour ago

    You guys should try Bullriding next 👍🏻

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    21 hour ago

    Real Santa lives in Finland :I

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    Kevko Kremi

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    22 hours ago

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    ridingtheroad 88

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    They lost over 2000 in gold lol someone will be happy

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    Thebossyboss77 _dev

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    Colin Park

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    TrickstersAwesomeGaming !

    Day ago

    this is SPECTACULAR. Can't wait to see more of this series

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    natan nosnah

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    Day ago

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    Luke Silvay

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    Outdoor Titans

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    Priyadarshini Panda

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    Avellanas Surf Photos

    Day ago

    fun fact:
    1 in 5 people in Alaska go missing



    Day ago

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